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2024 Mid-American Umpire Clinic

Thursday, September 5 - Sunday, September 8 • Creekside & Homefield Baseball Parks • Kansas City


Plate Work

We will spend a great deal of time working with you individually to help you develop a consistent strike zone and to improve your mechanics. We will also work on your stance, voice, tracking, and timing.


Rules/2-Umpire System

We combine rules & 2-umpire system into one classroom presentation, providing you with the proper 2-umpire system and the pertinent rules for each situation and responsibility. 


Handling Situations

Handling situations is what separates the good umpires from the great ones. We will cover how to handle game situations, balks, arguments, and ejections.


live game evaluations

You will work live high school showcase and college level games while receiving instant feedback from our instructors.



We will discuss several topics that will better prepare you for being a "crew chief" at your current level or a more experienced umpire at the next level.


Field WOrk

We will walk you through the responsibilities of the plate and base umpire, covering crucial items like pause, read, react, double play footwork, and taking plays at the plate. We will also utilize controlled scrimmages.


Signals & Mechanics

We will fine tune your signals and mechanics to make them sharp and crisp which will help project confidence and sell your calls.



We will go over what is expected of umpires both on and off the field. We will also share with you what supervisors look for in prospective umpires.


Equipment Check

Proper fitting equipment is vital to your safety and wellbeing on the baseball field. We will ensure your equipment is safe and fits properly before getting behind the plate. 

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