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The Full Story

The Full Story


The mid-american umpire clinic

We have a very good track record and our reputation speaks for itself. We have trained some of the best young talent in the umpiring profession. Numerous graduates have been placed in professional baseball and too many to count have advanced their careers to the collegiate level. Even if your goal is not to umpire at the collegiate or professional level, you will see your schedule improve if you apply the things you learn at the

Mid-American Umpire Clinic.


Our Philosophy

We want to give you more than just the basics of how to umpire. While we spend appropriate time on positioning, mechanics and rules, we devote quite a bit of time to helping you better understand the "ins and outs" of umpiring - the mental approach, why we do what we do, and how to advance your career the proper way. We believe in getting you to THINK like an umpire as much as we believe in getting you to LOOK like an umpire.

We do not claim to have all the one does. We will share with you the things that have made us successful at the professional and collegiate levels.


We are fully involved and very hands on. You will receive virtually unlimited one-on-one or small group attention to answer all of your questions.

Our Approach

Our approach is pretty simple: Give you your money's worth, work hard and have some fun while we are doing it.


Priority #1: Ensure your weekend is worthwhile both financially and educationally to see you leave a better umpire than when you arrived.

Priority #2: Have fun and make sure you are having fun, too. We take our jobs seriously, but we do not take ourselves seriously. You will have a good time at the Mid-American Umpire Clinic.


We don't waste your time telling meaningless "war stories" to get a laugh out of you. If we do tell a war story or two it is done in learning situations to better explain what we are discussing.



Who are current or Former Professional umpires

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